Monday, April 27, 2009

Good-bye seems to be the hardest word!!

So after a long break from blogging I wanted to take a minute to post some pictures and say hello. I miss coming here seeing the comments and seeing other people's blogs. So life keeps going and I am back for my last semester in college. I walked April 10th when both my parents were here and it was a lot of fun and very motivating. I love school, I love learning and I especially love BYU-Idaho. It is seriously the best school in the world for me. I'm so glad I come here and I've experienced the things that I did.

Also my mom left this morning back to Brazil, this post is dedicated to her and for her goodness of coming here and helping me out,especially at the end of last semester (it was tough) and I feel so much more secure about leaving her with her, not because I don't trust other people, but because I know she does not think that taking care of Izzy is a burden and she really enjoys the time so much. I don't like making people tired and dread helping me, but I'm sure glad of all the help I've had so far, my parents, Janaina, Anna, Aline, Carol, Regina, Patricia,Helga etc...they sure made it a lot easier for me and have always been so willing to help me even if for a day!

So I'm a little on the blue side today, the house is empty and I lost my biggest helper. I cried all I had to and I'm moving on with school and other things that I need to accomplish this semester. My grandma is coming at the end of May and meanwhile Carol and Regina are going to help me go to school. :)  I sure need to split my diploma between all this big helpers I've had so far.

So, maezinha, obrigada por toda a ajuda,amor,carinho e apoio q me deu esse tempo todo. Obrigada por me ajudar a ser uma melhor mae e pessoa e especialmente obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado e ser uma grande companheira. Te amo e te admiro muito. Te espero aqui assim que vc puder voltar e ja estou morrendo de saudades!!! Te amo mto mto mto!!! Fique bem!

Other than that life is great, we are expecting another little girl and her name is going to be Beatriz. She's due September 30th, but I'm thinking she will be late. We haven't start any preparations,partly because I have most girly stuff she will need and also because we still have time and I don't seem to be as anxious as I was with Isabelle. We will sure love her any time she decides to com though,hehehehehe.

So I will add the baby counter thingy and I will keep you guys posted. I have lots of pictures to share. Today I'll do some old ones and then keep going to newer stuff. 

Also I need to get some lessons on how to make this blog as cute as Anna's I definetely don't have the patience of interest she has to be so creative and neat, but I will make this a better looking place for all of you. :D

Hope all are doing well and I will stop at blogs to check out how things are.


Babi e cia :)

Isabelle trying to be like her mom

Our family of 4 now :)
My curte little girl!
At last a graduate(almost?)
Almost entire family...
Meus torcedores mais animados...
A proud mommy!
My serious gatinha!
Mommy and I doing girly staff and joking around,hehehe