Thursday, October 22, 2009

FOTOS e terrible 2's....

Not a good pic, but you can see her gorgeous lips....good genetic makeup from mommy :D
Our home really clean, please disregard the orange decorative pillows, they don't match our new decoration....soon we'll have some new a pretty ones...
Painting with Izzy...
Her beautiful hair, I wish it would stay like that, but we have no blondes in our family, so I'm sure i will get darker....she will still be perfect though!
My little brunnette, still jaudiced, she's much better now...
Izzy e papai brincando....o Mathew e tao bom pai...e marido....e tudo...ele e perfeito!
Piercing her ears....notice how she had no idea what was coming...she was 5 days old and we went to Walmart to get it done, I was freaking out to get her out of there ASAP cuz I didn't want any diseases around her, but I SO wanted her to look like a girl....we did it fast and no diseases came of it...and plus she looked adorable with earrings on....
My little newborn...they are SO Little.....
Izzy squeezing her little sis...she does it every day....this is a resilient girl- i have to say!
Izzy is in her terrible twos!I know they called it for a reason, but I now know why!If you think your child is hard at 1 wait until she turns 2 MUCH WORSE!!!!Izzy was a piece of cake at age 1!!!! She now only goes to bed after we reason with her. She cannot answer back,but she won't quit "talking" until we give her a good reason to go to bed. I just put her down for a nap and had to tell her that mommy and baby were going to sleep(I'm not) and that after she woke up we would go for a ride in the new stroller with the baby. She was quiet after that. At night we also have to give her a good excuse, like: "it's time to rest your body so we can play tomorrow, we have played a lot today and everyone is going to bed tired". She won't settle for just a good night. But she still sleeps well. Let's see how long this will last.

I have been really enjoying having two kids...not easy work,especially because Bia takes SO MUCH of my time just cluster feeding, but it's totally worth it, because they are my life!

I'm transferring some pics right now to our computer so I can upload some more recent ones....I'll get them here soon....

Thanks for all the comments, I really enjoy coming here and the support we get...we love you guys!


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Beatriz Costa Pretel nasceu as 11:44 pm no dia 30/9/2009. Parto normal (aka sem anestesia, uhuuuuuu).
Eu to bem cansada,mas so queria avisar q ela esta aqui e bem saudavel e estamos mto felizes e q dps vamos colocar fotos (olhem no facebook e orkut da minha familia), pq no hospital eles bloqueiam facebook e eu to sem cabo de passar as fotos pela maquina. :D

Ela nasceu com 7.4 lbs e 18.5 inches. Menor q a Isabelle. Eu levei 4 pontos e estou super bem....o pos parto esta sendo otimo.

Estaremos no hospital ate amanha. Dps daremos mais noticias.

Bjao a todos e obrigada pela torcida e oracoes. Nos somos mto gratos por vcs.... :D

Babi e cia