Monday, June 6, 2011

Better late then never....

Ok...I am so sick of this old blog... never want to update I'm thinking about opening it up again! not many people come by anyway...I might as well make is public! :) it's less of a hassle....

Anyway, there are lots of things going on right now:

1) we are pregnant with kid #3....I'm not sure whether to call this little GIRL our 3rd of 4th. To be really honest, I feel like I lost a baby when I it seems weird for me to just say this is my number 3.... ANYWAYS we are thrilled!!!Could not be happier....even if it was a boy. I'm in love with little girls and so excited to have another beauty to dress up and to see grow up and understand her own little personality :) What a fun fun thing motherhood is!!!! (her name will be Julie by the way)

2) Isabelle is growing up too fast. She has SUCH AN AMZING know the little girl from Toy Story 3- Bonnie? She's that kinda of girl....she can play with her toys and talk to them endlessly and she loves to just make up scenarios :) it's a lot of fun to watch her!! She is a talker. Talks all day with us or by herself (with toys). She has a hard time taking a nap now. I have to call them quiet time, and then after some playing she will give up on playing in the dark and just sleep. I know she still needs her naps...she gets CRANKY when she doesn't. She is also very interested in books and learning. She will ask me what the "written words" are. She wants to understand movies to a tee and keeps asking question when we are driving around town. It's the WHY and HOW stage....which I appreciate and want her to keep her curiosity for life. I have always wanted my kids to be like that. Another plus is that we have no TV at when we watch movies is on the lap top...but since moving she spends a lot more time playing and being we are banning TV for her :) Izzy is also a little mommy. She will not let any kid take advantage or make her sisi cry. She will protect Bia like mama bear would :)
She is also bossy and dramatic. Gives me a HARD HARD time with clothes, where things have to match and she has to be "feeling it"to wear it. We are trying to work on it by giving her 2 options she can choose from each time. It seems to be getting better, slowly but surely. (PS: I never never ever taught her that, I dress myself in 5 minutes)

3) Bia is SO BIG and smart, and a talking little parrot. She repeats the end of every word Isabelle speaks. It's so much fun to just see her absorb the world thru her eyes. She is my trouble maker, hitter and explosive little girl. If she is gone 5 minures she is up to something, never massive, but certainly messy. She caught on to smacking her sister every time she doesn't get her way. So time out is a known concept to her. Isabelle will even come to me and say at times "mommy she did this could you please put her on time out?" (Isabelle motherly instincts right there).
She loves to brush her teeth, her pacifier, and M&m's. Have you ever seen a kid that can smell M&m's? That would be my daughter. Every time we go to the supermarket she will find some and ask for it. I rarely get it. I am a firm believer I am doing her a favor by not giving her everything she asks for :)

4) we moved to our own apartment. Did I share this before? Anyway we are out of my mother's place and we are getting along SO MUCH BETTER with her. Right now we are at the process of detox. So we disappeared from their house for a month and had sunday lunch with them. It was fun and all, but I love being home and having my own space. We are camping at our own apartment and there's not much to live in (remember we are still waiting for the container) but we are basically happy to be our own family again. With our own set of rules and priorities... OH BOY! WE ARE WELL!!!!!

5) I have been able to find the joy most of my days. I've had a renewed energy to be with the kids. I went through a FUNK and I can't really describe it well except I was depressed and tired and worn out all the time. I had no patience with the kids and life was just overall hard. Well, what do you know? scriptures and prayer really do work :) I have been asking to find the joy in the little moments and to be able to provide for my girls what they need. I am full of ideas and so excited to make this next 5 months so much fun before my Julie comes. :) I just wanted to take a moment to testify that Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us. Even though life is not on bit easier, at the same time it's like a weight has been lifted from me. I just want you all to know that if you are having a hard time remember to draw strength from the right source and things will fall into place. I have to remember that all the time :)

6) we are all currently sick (with colds and stuffed up like crazy) and that means pasta for lunch and lots of fruits and veggies. I have no energy to make anything else. So we live off fruits and fresh veggies. :) which ends up being very healthy anyways and is one of the reasons I LOVE being here. The food quality is SO MUCH BETTER and there's a HUGE variety, it blows my mind. At the same time I have to admit I would readily go back to the States for the life I had before and would start buying organics :) Food does not stop us from wanting to move from Brazil :)a ctually nothing really stops us :) hahahahahaha

I started this post a long time ago and because of my funk I just lately have been able to finish it...and now I am SO glad I did it...I was getting sick of not telling my friends news about our little family, this blog was D-U-S-T-Y :)

Pics to come :)))))