Saturday, June 26, 2010

Because I have been given much I too must give....

If you can read "LIFT WHERE YOU STAND" by Elder Uchtdorf in the Ensign November 2008, please do so, as it is what I based these thoughts on.

I always love to read or watch whatever Elder Uchtdorf has to say. He is such an inspiration in whatever subject he talks about. Who would have known that just a few years after he was called to be an apostle (which I had not heard about him before then) he would be such a motivational and popular speaker? I love him!!! I love his messages and he comforts my soul. What I like about his talk is the fact that he mentions that the most important callings that we will ever receive are of: father, husband and home teacher, three simple callings that everyone has the change to be called to and that represent the most in our lives. He also mentions how we will not be judged for the positions we held in life. I find it interesting because today my husband and I were thinking about ways that we could reach out to others and serve people in need. This all came about as my husband was traveling to Curitiba and he saw this beggar. A woman who looked about 40 years old that went to the local bar to ask for some food. It probably took her a whole lot of courage to do that as she knew that the owner would most likely say no to her request. She came to my husband and told them that she was upset with the owner because at the end of the day they would just throw away all the food that was left over. It broke his heart and so my husband his friend went up to her and asked her if she was hungry and if they could buy her some food. This lady started to cry, I can only imagine her face and my heart goes to her without even knowing this lady. They went to a local restaurant where she could choose a selection of foods: rice and beans, meat, salad etc. She was so concerned about spending their money and the food being too expensive. I couldn’t hold back the tears just thinking about this lady. They both sat with the lady as she ate because the restaurant wouldn’t have let her stay in there by herself. So as they chatted away the woman said she was 27 years old (my husband’s age) and she has three small kids: a little boy who was over 3 and a set of twins who were 9 months. As she talked a little bit she had a hard time eating meat, because her teeth were in such bad shape that she almost lost one as she was chewing her meat. She showed her almost falling tooth to my husband and our friend as she struggled to chew. Again my heart was broken. Then I wondered if she had any food for her little ones and I’m glad my hubby wondered about that too. She did have food for them and a friend was taking care of her little treasures, they had rice and beans, milk and everything they needed back home. She works collecting cans and selling them to be recycled and with the money she will pay for food. Mat said that this lady had some sort of sheet on top of her old-dirty-worn out clothes and that her palms had gauze wrapped around it because she was cutting wood to cook food to her children. He said she did not understand the importance of hygiene (as anyone in her situation probably wouldn’t) and they had to help her wash her hands. She also said that she knew how to read because she studied until 4th grade. Mathew gave her the name of the church and told her to look for two missionaries where she lived. She lived far away somewhere inland of Curitiba. I wish he had gotten her address so WE could send the missionaries in. I actually wish I was there so I would have taken her in and bathed her, taught her about very basic nutrition, hygiene, I wish I could have taken her to the dentist, bought her some clothes and helped her get a job. Even if she can work cleaning a house, she would be in a much better shape than she is. She can’t get a job the way she is. She couldn’t even get into the employment services building in her state. It just broke my heart. I cried and cried because of the injustice that is all around. I cried as I thought about this mother worried about not having enough food to feed her little ones and how much she probably worried about their future, or the lack thereof. I’ve decided that I need to do something. I cannot save every beggar or fix every social issue out there, but one by one I can help and I can make a difference. I can be more frugal and save money for times like this, where I find a lady in such need. I can be more grateful for what I have and NEVER complain, no matter how bad the situation gets. I can learn more to be able to build an institution to help people like her. I can share the gospel and help those people become self reliant. There’s so much I can do. The only thing I cannot do is stand still….because it breaks my heart, not only as a mother, but as a human being. I love this gospel and feel so immensely blessed and rich. I cannot get over it. I hope this has helped someone out there today, as it has helped me and I hope that in the future I can do much more than just sharing a story that touched my heart.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A few questions...

Lately it has been so hard for me to recognize the promptings I have been receiving...I had some pretty good impressions about things that were going on in our family and I was sure quick to follow them...however the impressions I got didn't turn out the way I expected. It's kind of confusing because I don't want to get into a lot of detail cuz it's pretty personal....but is it too hard to understand? I've got to understand this prompting deal better....cuz it's what carried me through life and I'm really trying to get in touch with it....

Today we also had the brazilian game...and it was Thiago (my little devilish brother), grandma, mom and Izzy...not as fun as I would hope...cuz they are relly not that much into soccer and so they don't know what is going on and comment on things that are just random and wrong...hahahahaha, I think I need to get some company for next time...get together with friends....when Brazil scored twice, Isabelle cried...she was so scared...the entire neighborhood screamed and the vuvuzelas went was crazy, time I'm going to record it so everyone in the States gets a feeling for how CRAZY this country is about soccer...It's REALLY a lot of fun...I'm so glad I'm here at this time :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiny Looks Boutique

Hey friend Beca has just started her kid's boutique...she makes darling clothes and I LOVE IT! I wanted to annouce it to everyone so you can take a look at her facebook page....there's also a giveaway that you can participate...which is what I'm doing...hehehehehe

Check it out! You won't regret it!!!!!/tinylooks?ref=ts

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A good change...

This is what the "Mercado Municipal" looks like with all the's the garden of eden :)

riding a bike with the two girls was hard work...but so worth it!

Bea is a little sunshine...she never has a bad day even when she does :)
A little ice cream for Izzy....
I love this picture of grandma and her girls...they are just an awesome team...

It's about time I learn how to change my background and do fun stuff on my patient with the changes...something weird might come up or out of place too :)hahahahaha

I'm feeling way better about things...I guess we all have our ups and downs right?

Lately I have been really missing Rexburg and the lifestyle I had back there...missing my friends...even my bishop...he was an all around awesome guy and has a great family. Don't get me wrong I think I will still have plenty of opportunity to love my new ward...but you goota know I thought I was in the best church ward ever!!!hehehehehe

Our stuff is still not here from the States and it should head to Brasilia sometime this month, then it's making sure we have a job, a home and we head to Brasilia to pick up our stuff at my grandma's house. Which by the way is here visiting us in Sao Paulo.... I'm trowing some more pics in here today to make it fun fun fun!!

Hope u all have a lovely end of night....


Quick question for my nurse friends (or anyone who wants to answer really): I'm felling a "uterine heaviness", like I'm bloated but in the uterus (weird I know) this a sign that my period is coming back? I'm still nursing and I haven't had my period since I got pregnant with guesses?? I'd love to hear from you...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I MISS REXBURG!!!!!(the title has nothing to do with the content of this post,hehehe)

So, I'm trying really hard to finish my homework for my online class "teachings of the living prophets" and my mom keeps talking about farmville with my great-aunt. It's so annoying...I hate this facebook games.
Anyway..I've been meaning to write here about my relationship with my mom and this seems as good of a time as it gets(this sentence doesn't sound right, is it?). Well, some of you know my mother and know that I have issues with her, she is a nice lady, she has taught me a lot of things that I can only be grateful for, I love her. There are some things thought that I SO wish she had taught me when I was younger and I wanted to make note of that so moms out there won't do the same because those are things that I had to struggle REALLY hard to learn on my own. (and still learning)

One of the great aspects that I am eternally grateful for is the time I have spent in the States. I had contact with a culture that for the most part (at least the part I was exposed to) that teaches responsibility and accountability to children. I have so many great friends who did not know I was watching them, but I did FREQUENTLY because I wanted to learn how to do that with my kids. Hard work, responsibility, accountability, diligence, patience, craftiness etc are some of the things that I have been working so hard to learn since I left home when I was 18. I want to mostly focus on hard work.

I have noticed since I came here that my mom has really never understoon how to teach us hard work. I have a 10-yr-old brother who does not help around the home. Mostly because my mom feels that she needs to spare him of that work in order to show him that she loves him and that she is a good mother. Have you ever seen that before? She works extra hard around the house picking up his slack and cleaning, cooking and doing everything that a home maker does for a 10 yr old who doesn't think it is his responsibility to help around the house. That is exactly how we grew up. With a loving mother who didn't want us to work around the house because she wanted us to be kids. Well fast forward a little bit and when 18 hit, she expected all kids to start taking care of their stuff (we were actually only supposed to take care of our rooms, which I was the only one who did it, when it got really messy) and help her out around the house. She says that because we have grown up we need to know that she needs help. Now in my head, the least thing 18 yr olds want to do is help their moms. So I left to go to college and my brothers were the ones supposed to help. Wanna know the outcome?nobody ever helped and she was more and more overwhelmed with house work. I would feel sorry for her at this point, but to me it was self inflicted and it won't change. It won't change because I've talked to her, I pointed out how I could have learned better and how I wish I learned how to do things and you know what she said? "you take care of your kids and I will keep doing what I think is right for mine"...well then...

So I urge you to teach your kids to work hard, to share responsibilities in the home, to be part of a working family, becase those were the things that I noticed the most and I try so hard to build with my family.

Without getting into too much detail as I went to college I had a hard time with my choices and learning how to manage my time and how sometimes the
consequences of my poor choices (nothing regarding my eternal salvation) was something I could not choose or change... I could change my choices but not the consequences...I wish I were more disciplined and I knew how to do things around the house know little things like that?it definitely helps when you are away from home.

It's been really hard on me trying to be completely different from the way I was raised. As I said, my mom is a great person, but a great person I have a lot of issues with and I hope that I can be someone that won't have issues with my daughters. I hope I can teach them the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and their individual worth.

We women have to be REALLY careful with how we teach our kids, because it will come back to haunt us. I can testify of that.

What has your mom taught you that helped you as an adult? How has your mom taught you to be patient? or hard working? or responsible?