Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm it now...

8 things...

8 TV Shows I like to watch:
24 (we are addicted to it, so much we had an overdose and don't to watch anymore until next week...heheheh)
John and Kate + 8
CSI- Las Vegas (and when nothing else NY)
What not to wear
Extreme makeover home edition(makes me cry every time)
Baby Story
Man vs wild....sometimes

8 restaurants I like to eat:
Olive Garden
Texas Road House
Amicis (good and new in Rexburg)
Leatherbys(not a restaurant bu I love it

8 things that happened today:
Isabelle stood up by herself in church and started walking with no lasted almost 2 meters
I took a great nap
I went to see the girl I visit teach that had a baby
I made "peach cake"and it didn't turn out the way i wanted
I went to choir practice and i was beautiful
I watched a frontline documentary about health care systems around the world for a class and it was way interesting
I had a fight with Mathew
I worried about money

8 things I'm looking forward to:
a trip to Brazil
another baby when the time is right
getting all the seasons of Charmed once I have money
getting my car from Mary Kay'
traveling to Europe, especially Portugal to see old friends
a masters degree in nutrition
moving to a BIG CITY with lots of people and pollution(jk about the pollution....rexburg just drives me nuts sometimes)
OHHH I"m really looking forward to Christmas too!!!

8 things on my wish list:
FABULOUS SHOES that will cost 100 dollars and I will buy with no second thoughts ( I have been obcessed with shoes lately bc I haven't bought any in a loooong time)
losing all the wight I'm working out to lose
moving to Brazil some day
having a huge family and a good life
moving to a house some day
a cruise with my hubby (like a secong honeymoon)
a new lap top
exaltation I would say is something I look for, but for now a bit unrealistic :)

8 People I tag:
Whoever wants to spend some time thinking hard about what to say.... :) I would enjoy reading if any of you wrote anything.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The translation to my post

Ok, so I feel really bad that people that don't speak nay portuguese will come here and not understand a word of what's going on in our lives. So I will do a quick translation, especially bcuz I don't remember everything I wrote just a couple of hours ago.
Isabelle is turning one on the 31st of this month (my little halloween baby) and we are so excited. I have been preparing for her party since last week and this weekend will be hectic as well so I can get as much done before hand. The "theme"of the party will be "Enchanted forest"and she will be dressed up as a fairy. The decorations are pretty much done and so this weekend I just have to worry about cooking some of the food and freezinf it for the big day. The sweets (brigadeiro and beijinho- brazilian traditional candy for birthday parties) are done and the cake will be done o thrusday and decorated on Friday. I can believe she's almost one. Time flew by and she really is a little girl now, her features chenged so much and the baby face is gone (she keeps changing more and more though so I might think she still had the baby face a few weeks from now)
School is killing me sometimes, especially bcuz of the amount of hours I put in, studying is really not so much a problem bcuz I try to just really learn things in class and do the necessities at home. I feel guilty not spending time playing with Izzy but I also understand it's a price I have to pay to graduate, and I love my major and I love the things I'm learning, definetly would not give up school for nothing in the world.
We have no exciting news really, just that I am very pumped for the Holidays this year. I think it will be extremely fun to see Izzy running around and playing with us. We don't know what we're doing for Christmas and New Year but we'll figure out something amazing.
Overall we feel very blesses having our little girl with us, she's the joy of our lives and so much fun to be around, she loves to blow kisses and cuddle with her stuffed animals, she especially loves her dogs. We seriously need to get her a pet once we move to a house. She is also bablling and says mama and papa perfectly, no english words so far though, which is fine, bcuz she'll learn eventually. I think the only think in english she says is "bye-bye" and it's adorable.
Also my friend that has been helping me care for Izzy while I'm in school is moving to SLC and so my last two semesters are gonna be tough without her. I don't really know what we're gonna do, we're still trying to figure it out. Mathew's mom might com,e but we don't know if the winter is better of the summer. Any suggestions?
I ended up pouring out a lot more in english than in portuguese, but at least you are all updated now right??
I'm gonna go and get something done so I don't feel like a bum all day.
Oh!!I almost forgot Izzy has two teeth coming out, that makes 8 total....HOLY COW!!!she is fussy with this one...I bet it hurts like heck, so I really don't mind her fussiness when I know she's in pain...gotta love being a mom..... :)
Enjoy the pics....



De volta as noticias

Essa e uma foto q nao tem como nao sorrir quando se olha rpa ela como disse a Aline,a cara da Bebeblle ta tao feliz...mto linda!

Essa foi a Bebelle comendo feijao preto....
Mandando beijo pra camera....
Comendo banana sozinha!Esse dia ela nao quis minha ajuda,eu so consegui dar comida,quando dei a colher pra ela e ela batia no prato e fazia meleca enquando eu colocava colheradas na boca dela...
Dentro do saco do presente q o papai dela tinha me dado!
Na festa da Melissa(filha de Etinha) bem na frente do Thomas...hehehehe
A mulherada na festa da Melissinha...(repara nas pulseiras de Bebelle...ABALOU!!!)
Voltando da igreja mto lina....
Dentro do carro a caminho de IF compenetrada...
Me abrindo...
E finalmente toda feliz com as gracinhas da mamae...
Eu e papai antes de passearmos em IF (repara q mesmo o cabelo dela tendo crescido as fotos recentes ela ta com MTO mais cabelo....cresceu como capim!!EBAAAA)
Essa foi no aeroporto de SLC quando estavamos indo pro Brasil (ela tava doentinha e ranhentinha)

Eu fiquei tanto tempo sem postar,me falta energia pra poder colocar mil fotos e passar fotos pro computador. A vida anda uma loucura. Hj por acaso minhas aulas foram canceladas e a Isabelle ta com mais 2 dentes nascendo,entao ela ta beeeeeem dolorida coitada,dei um tylenol e coloquei pra dormir,vamos ver se funciona!!!A melhor coisa e acostumar crianca a dormir no berco, e uma blz...inclusive ela acha q nossa cama e farra,entao ela so dorme mesmo quando ta sozinha e no berco dela (QUE BENCAO!!!)
Tenho umas fotinhos noas,coloquei algumas no orkut,mas vo colocar umas aqui tb pra vcs verem.
Esta tudo bem com a gente, a Isabelle ta mto esperta e ja anda pequenas distancias e tem se equilibrado bem mais...vai ser fofo quando ela comecar a andar mesmo, mas por enquanto e mais facil dela so engatinhar mesmo.
Mais da metade do semestre ja passou e daqui a uma semana e a festa da Bebelle,esse fds sao os ultimos preparativos,e ai vai ser a maior correria pra fazer tudo no sabado adiantando o q eu preciso. Na quinta e sexta vou encher baloes e montar os pirulitos pra festa dela,ai tem coisas q so vai dar pra fazer no sabado mesmo,tipo o arroz e a salada! A decoracao vai ser colocado no sabado de manha tb la no club house!Estou super animada!!!

Nao to com paciencia pra traduzir...qq dia desses eu traduzo pras minhas amigas americanas...hehehehehe


Babi e cia...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

O THOMAS nasceu!!!!

Ola gente!!!!!!
Faz tempo hein??Pois e...estou hiper desatualizada! So queria passar aqui pra dizer q a Anna teve nenem, e nasceu um lindo menininho!!Ele tem 3.080 kg e 45.5 cm. LINDO LINDO LINDO. Sinceramente eu nunca vi nenenzinho mais lindo do que ele...a Isabelle era mto fofa tb...mas ele nasceu menos inchado q ela...alias,acho q ele nem sabe o q e inchaco...ohhhh coisa baby hungry pra um menininho,mas agora so se for um igual o Thomas....hahahahahaha


Now the translation for my american friends....
It's been a long time I don't upload this blog...I just wanted to stop by and say that Anna (a great brazilian friend I have here in Rexburg) had her baby this morning. It's the cutest little boy ever. He weighs 6.8 oz and measures 18 in, I think he is the cuttest baby I have ever seen in my life...Izzy was pretty cute herself, but I think he is less "swollen", actually I think he's not swollen at all!
So, I got pretty baby hungry for a boy, but I think that it would have to be just like little Thomas to satisfy my baby hungriness...just so I can kiss and hug all the time... :)


I will come back later to get things going around this blog...

ALEX: I have a job proposal for you...interested??let me know!!!