Friday, December 11, 2009

What we've been up to...

SO, life has been interesting for us. We have had a lot going on. Mathew is looking for jobs and masters degrees to apply to. We have not been able to sit down and talk about it yet. Our routine pretty much has been: take care of the kids all day (sometimes work meanwhile),he gets home I go out to exercise and come back with the 2 bathed girls,he leaves for the library, I feed them and put them to bed and then I get to clean the house and eat and take a shower...sometimes do other things like watch a movie(did that once), or do my nails....or just go to bed....this is routine....I've only been exercising for a couple of days,but it feels great already, I needed it. Since I'm talking about it we are going to changing things around here. I'm actually making this blog private,so if you want to be part of it,leave me ur email as a comment and I will add you (even if you don't have a blog,a I need your email). Now I have a blog that is going to help me through my weight loss journey. It a touchy feely subject for me, but I wanted to put myself out there in order to confirm the commitment that I want to take seriously and go till the end. So I need all the help I can get. If you'd like to help me thru this change please feel free to do so. The link is

The girls are doing awesome and growing like a weed. Izzy is talking her elbows off and Bea is wiggly and loud booing and smiling that cute teethless gum of hers. It's AMAZING to me how much they are changing and learning and I cannot believe I am a mom of two I was thinking I'd like to have a little boy. I'd like to have babies that are 1 year apart, but I need to lose weight and take care of myself before I think about 'breeding' any more people into this world, hahahahahaha

The girls are really entertaining and I'm trying to be better and more patient with Izzy...she drives me nuts, but I realized it's because she's so much like me, which then lead me to think I don't want me and mom's story to happen with her too (two very much alike people butting heads all the time). So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that I can make this thing private asap :)

cheers :)