Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little step makes a huge difference

I have been having trouble sleeping lately. Here's why:

I had a doctor that did not cover my insurance for my prenatal check ups. I liked him but in the beginning felt a little uncomfortable. Later in my pregnancy I started to feel like we couldn't afford him and that he wasn't really enthusiastic about my birth plan and how I wanted certain things to be done ( I can make a list if anyone is interested, but I do have a few things that are pretty major for me). All of a sudden I get a stupor of thought and decide to miss my last appointment with him. I made up a lame excuse when the lady called me up and never went back. I have been searching docs since the beginning of this month and I FOUND what I needed today.

After much prayer and thought (meaning I read every study I could get my hands on, websites after websites) I will do my prenatal check ups with a MIDWIFE!

She made me feel great, she is A LOT cheaper and I can totally afford her. Plus she is giving me lee way on what I want out of my experience this time around and she is very respectful and even agrees with my wishes (ok, let me just mention some of them before you think I am CRAZY: I want them to clamp the umbilical cord ONLY after it stops pulsating. I have read how that is important to help the baby when he is first trying/learning how to breath- while the oxygenated blood is going from the placenta to the baby- and I totally agree with it. It just makes sense in my mind. I want the baby to come directly to by chest to have skin to skin contact and I want his first hour to be with me so I can introduce breastfeeding within that first hour...) They can weigh and clean the cute baby aftewards....

She is so willing to work with me, and I felt like I was back again in Rexburg with my dear midwives. How I trusted those ladies!!!!!!!Boy I love midwives.

I have read that the majority of births in European countries are attended by midwives and that in Holland 80% (+) of the births are done by midwives who attend births at home....that brought me a whole new perspective, especially because their infant death rates is MUCH LOWER than in the USA, where there's the the most updated technology in the world. Pretty amazing huh??It makes you wonder how much more besides technology there is in birthing a baby into the world.

I totally recommend midwives, especially if you don't want to feel like you are a diseased pregnant lady (I did up until today). All I have done my entire prenatal life up until now was check up on diseases, exams and ultrasounds (5 already). I was going BANANAS thinking something might be wrong. So I am ditching the ultrasounds ( I think I need to have one more on my last trimester IF that) and I am trusting the good midwives with knowledge from back in the day when our great grandmothers birthed. The thing is: I REALLY trust them.

I still read up a ton and I ask a lot of questions and I am NOT a dumb person... they are medically capable of sending me to a doc, if anything is to come up during the pregnancy. Right now all I know is that baby and I are doing great and I feel at peace with my decision. I wish every woman could feel so good about prenatal check ups :) (especially low risk pregnancies)

Besides all of that I am religiously studying my hypnobabies course. I am on week 2 and LOVING IT!! PAIN FREE birth is my goal. :)

I think I might be able to sleep better tonight.... :))


Friday, July 8, 2011

See three previous posts for pictures...


The problem with explaining each picture is that they cm out as a bunch os scripts, so I don't know the order....Overall they are the girls right before Isabelle goes to her ballet classes and a breakfast I made the other day with eggs, and lots of fruits...they really enjoyed it!!!Also I think there one with a Montessori activity that Izzy is doing...beads=SO MUCH FUN!!!