Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello and Good-bye....

This is Jasmine before we went out to IF

Best friend from childhood, Jasmine and Isabelle:
My picture perfect bff Aline:
This is when Mel was taking pictures of Aline surprising me at the door step:
This is the hug I gave her after recomposing...hehehehe

So I guess the post today has to be quick and I won't have time to write in portuguese. Most of you understand english anyway, my family comes more for the pictures!!!

So this january, the day I posted my last "post" here on blogspot, my best friend, showed up at my door step. I need to tell you though that she lives in Brazil and I was dumb founded when I sawher's a picture to prove it: 

All my problems went away, I finish my quizzes and tests and assignments and we went out to applebee's: me, Aline(my Bff) and Mel(a great friend from childhood), it was like old times. The three of us lived together(we adopted Mel as she would sleep in our house everyday,instead of her apt) and we had so much fun all the time together. Needless to say we had as much or even more fun after reuniting. Aline has two kids now and I was Izzy and one on the way (by the way for those of you I wasn't able to reach yet, we're expecting another baby in september...what a great way to find out huh??hahahaha) Here is a picture of out fun together:

So she came and went really fast and it was hard to say goodbye at the airport today. My handsome hubby took some pics of that moment....but the camera is in the car and I will post them tomorrow....

I just wanted to register this moment and let her know how importatn she is to my life and how much I need and appreciate her friendship. I love you Aline, thanks for being my best friend, my cousin, the sister I've never had,etc. I appreciate all the memories we've had and the ones we built this month!!(and the ones we'll have in the future) THANKS FOR THE SURPRISE, it was really the surprise of a lifetime. I really wish on everyone that you may have a someone like Aline is your lives. :D

So here I go again on real life....with much more strenght I should add. :D


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Alexandria Rammell said...

your pregnant!! Congrats!! A september baby!! aw!! I love all the new post and what a great friend to come and surprise you!! I was a little sad looking at these picture because Izzy is getting so big!! I am missing it all! I love her little bangs! And she got a pedicure!! Lucky girl!! She better know how awesome her mom is!!