Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life as a single mom....for three days... :)

So, I'm trying to survive 3 days without Mathew. First cuz i miss him too much and second because he helps me out a bunch with the girls. I have been working and being a mom this week. I had to go back to work to finish my internship this semester. It's been really fun though I love what I do and more and more I know I need to do a masters...I'm just researching programs that will allow me to go VERY part time. Like one class per semester, everything is still up in the air though.

Mat is in San Jose and loving his experience, he has visited a ton of nice companies there...we'll see how it goes and where it goes from here...

Tomorrow I work early morning again so I gotta go...just wanted to do a quick upload, cuz I'm always so bad at blogging about life....

Btw, girls are great. Izzy is talking and repeating things a ton, she's starting to do 2-3 words sentences. It's adorable. Bia is chubby!10 lbs already, we're starting to see rolls on her and she's on the 90% percentile for her weight....Izzy was definitely not like that...but I looooooove my chubby baby...I have to say I was afraid of not loving her as much as I love Izzy...but that was stupid because I love both of them just as much....cannot see life without my girls!they are perfect!

So hope everyone is all right and I will post again soon...PICTURES!!hooray!

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Jennifer and Shay said...

Eu sei como se sente amiga, o Shay viaja toda a hora, e eu falo pra ele que viro viuva! As vezes eh pela semana inteira! O bom eh que durante o dia posso ter a ajuda da minha mae, mais eh chato ficar sem ele ne? Suas meninas estao lindas demais!!! Mts bjus!