Monday, April 12, 2010

Last night in Rexburg....

We have had a crazy busy and fun last few days....I think the way Mat described in his testimony today at church really tells it all "I cannot think of a different word but grattitude". That's how I feel right now. We have had an outpouring of help and friendship throughout the days....People calling offering to take the kids, meals at all times (yummy by the way). We have eaten at our friend's houses for a long time now....We have a lot of people coming over to our home to help us clean up and patch holes on the walls, scrub the floors,ovens, cabinets etc....I've had help packing our luggage and anything else you can probably think of. I truly am GRATEFUL.

I cannot help but think how much of a better friend I could have been, how much more I could have done for others and how much I have learned. I truly LOVE this city and it has become my home for the past 7 years. It's hard to leave it all here and go to the unknown. I really am to the point where I am just AFRAID of leaving Rexburg. I don't think I would mind just staying....I know we have lots to learn wherever we end up, but it will be hard.

We've had friends through "good bye parties" for the past 2 weeks and it has been amazing. They sang for us, they were just THERE so I want to take the time to thank them here because I know that it doesn't take very much from me to thank people, but it means the world to them:

1)Anna: first and foremost I think I have to thank you. For holding on to our friendship thru the good the bad and the ugly :) For being so helpful and so wonderful even when you are expecting twins with wild Thomas running around. Thank you for being part of my success as you helped me graduate,be a better mom and a better friend. I really wish I could have done more for you and been there more for you, but I hope you know that I have learned to be a better person because of you. I want you to know how much I truly love you from the bottom of my heart, and how much I blindly trust you :) Please come live close to me soon? I've become spoiled :) You are family to me, the look alike sister I've never had and always wanted to have :) Remember you can always count on me and that I will always always be there for you. No matter what.

2) Helga: You are just amazing.I can never keep up with your energy and willingness to help and come over for a good laugh. I just love you to pieces. Thank you for your friendship and endless help with the girls and for just listening to me :) CONGRATS on your graduation as this marks a great accomplishment and a huge victory...and know that you are loved wherever you are!!

3)Jana e Samuelson: I really love and admire you. You have been an angel to us and I know that you need to be praised every day for the person you are and whatch you have taught me. I know you will do great things in the future and help Sam to be even a better man than he already is, because you are just that kind of person, You make others better because of your presence and example.

Johan: BIXOOOOOOO. I don't know what to say except that,hehehehehehehe, I think it summs it up. I know Mat will miss you, (and I will miss you too) THANK YOU for all your help, you have been there for us every time we needed and that means a lot to our family. I hope you have felt the same way and that we can always be there for you too....I just love you :) and I hope we live close to each other again...if not, when we all become rich, we can go on cruises together and laugh our heads off from when we were poor and gave each other $5 dollar gift cards from Applebee's (you'll know what I mean pretty soon)

Ana Amelia: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are an amazing women and I love you. I've learned immensely from you and enjoyed every minute we spent together as rommates and friends. I wish you the best wherever you go from here on out and I want you to know that I love and appreciate you :) I will miss you

Paulinha e Cefas: I really hated that we became so close as we were about to leave. I wish you guys had been here all along. I love you and I have found true friends in you. I know our lives will cross paths in the future. Paulinha thanks for all the help that you have given me and all the yummy meals you have served. For laughing so hard together until Mat falls asleep cuz it's so late and he can't handle it anymore :) OBRIGADA OBRIGADA OBRIGADA. You will be forever loved and remembered. We'll see you in a few months ;)

Caroles: Angelita loves you :) I wish I could be here for the a little while longer :) You will be such a great mom....and Bebelle won't hate you in a few will be her cool aunt forever :) Please make some charming boys for my girls after you marry and I will make some charming boys for your girls so we can be family :) I think we actually are family at heart :) I love you and I appreciate all the help and good conversations we've had and memorable times.

Friends: If your name was not specifically mentioned it does NOT mean you are not loved and appreciated. I just felt a great need to show gratitude to those that have had a huge hand in our lives and have helped us so far shape who we areand who we want to become.

I don't have words anymore...I really don't know what to think and feel....I actually feel a little empty and I wish I didn't have to say good-bye. As I think about all the fun and lessons that I have learn I think most of all I have to thank my Heavenly Father. Not only after these years here I recognize my complete dependency on Him and my need to just follow HIS WILL. I actually need to thank Him for sending me the friends and acquaintances in the past years that have taught me so much.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU is really all I can say. We are blessed individuals for all that we have and truly are rich because of our friends.

I now 'bid you farewell' as my next post will be in Brazil....where I will blog more and let you know what is going on in our lives a lot more frequently. I hope the Lord blesses you wherever you are and whatever you do and may God be with you till we meet again :') I can hardly keep my crying under control as I think of this song...

With much love,



Paty said...

Have a safe trip!!!

Helga said...

I love you guys so much Barbara! I was upset that I missed my flight today but it was SO WORTH IT to see you guys and spend a few minutes of craziness in the SLC Airport. I'm still here, SO TIRED for the almost 8 hours I've been here, but SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity the Lord gave me through this flight being canceled, to see you all again :) SO WORTH IT! Plus, we might still get to see one another once more tomorrow morning in SAMPA!!! Thanks for being such an example for me. For being a wonderful mother and for teaching me how to be closer to my Heavenly Father. Mat, thanks for being such a wonderful friend as well. When I met you at the Business College I would have never thought we'd become such good friends :) You're awesome visse mmmm??? hehehehe :) I wish you all that Heavenly Father can bless you with, and He will. Love you guys! :) XOXO

Anna said...

Ai Babi! Eu só vi isso agora... qndo vc falou pra eu olhar no blog pensei que vc meant o comentario q vc deixou no blog.
Love you too amiga.. de montao!

Katy-the-Lady said...

Miss you already! I'm anxious to hear about your new life! HUGS!