Thursday, May 20, 2010

what I've learned...

So here a few things I wanted to register because I have been learning so much lately:

1- marriage is a partnership of equals- if you want the husband to do it, you do it first and he will follow behind you. Even if sometimes you have to ever so gently remind them of the "equal" partnership and that our job is the hardest job out there.

2- kids respond to love example so much's so hard not to lose it sometimes though...

3- personal commandements can be treaky and crazy inspirations that you get from time to time, but they are OHHHH so personal and NEED to be followed. I'm still battleling with mine ;)

4- An empty mind is the foundation of evil. One must always keep the mind occupied and focused in order to avoid trouble.

5- Sometimes (quite often actually) in life being quite is better than anything you could say. I think that truth is not as important as knowing when to "shut up" is....and i'm really not undermining the value of always speaking the truth....agian...just something I learned.

6- if you work hard enough for something it will mean lots more than if it's just given to ya!

And the list goes on...but those are just a few that I wanted to mention.

Mat keeps going for interviews and they all require you have your "own" company. So instead of hiring the person they hire the service. Does that make sense? So now we are in the process of doing that and some other good leads.
I just want to settle down!!!!! It's all good though...we have been reatly blessed and I think the Lord is again taking us to unexpected and dark places...but we will keep trusting him that this is the best route we can get and that later on we will look back and see the worders He has worked in our lives.

Something else I wanna tell ya!! "Socialist" medicine rocks. (hehehehehe, at least for the girls it does). Here in Brazil if you don't have a private insurance they send you to the government's insurance. It's not like medicaid, it's more like the insurance system they have in Canada. Anyway, it sucks for adults, but for kids so far so least where I've been. It's poor and ugly, but the treatment is great and that's all I care. After living here for over a month now I'm getting used to the poorness, ugliness and dirtyness of places...and I'm even dressing the part cuz usually I'm so afraid of being robbed if I look nice when I go to those places. Today I was about to put my make up on and I decided leave it off cuz I wasn't going anywhere where people would have make up on. Something really interesting about

Even though we went to the doc at 11:30 am and left and 3 pm the girls have a GREAT pediatrician and they have all their vaccines and stuff in. It wastes my entire day, but at least they are doing well and have competent doctors caring for them...I just hate to be always vigilant of the sick little kids around them...they all wanna touch each other's hands,'s freaking hard work to keep them away from other kids...they wanna play!!!the other day a little guy fell in love with Izzy and then his mom comes up to me after his consult and says "He really has pnemonia!!!" and I was like "&@^&#%%^@#" Arghhhhhhhh....I bathed Izzy in hand sanitizer and went on with life....sometimes you can only pray for the best and wish you could punch that irresponsible mom's little face, hehehehehe

Oh!and by the way...Bia's dinner today was: mandioquinha (yucca rootish/potato kinda thing), carrot and chicken....all in mash potato style...and SHE LOVED IT! I can't believe my little girl is already eating solids....SO grown up!


Anna said...

Wise words Babi. Principalmente do empty mind being a foundation of evil, e nao so pra evil mas pra negativity and self pity tb. Eu sempre noto que qndo fico sem nada com q me ocupar comeco a ficar idle, lazy e choramingando sem razao. As vezes at'e com razao, mas nao 'e mto melhor a gente feel good about life and ourselfs?!
Anyway... por isso tenho tentado me ocupado o maximo possivel. Ultimamente, com tudo que ta acontecendo e como tenho me sentido tem sido mais facil eu ficar soaking in self pity... which I hate!
Enfim... good for you hehehe E continuem firme ai pq logo logo tudo passa e ai vcs vao ter mto mais appreciation pelo cantinho de vcs e a privacidade e routine. :o)
It'll all be worth it!!!
love you!

Debora said...

Como a gente se acostuma com as coisas ne? eheheh Que bom que estao se adaptando bem. Oh, and btw don't worry, pneumonia is not contagious... ela so resulta de um "resfriado" mal cuidado, mas voce nao pode pegar de alguem.