Friday, September 3, 2010

Long time no post....I have good news though...

So I have taken so many pictures lately just to find out that the MAC doesn't have a "memory card whole" so I can transfer the pics from here....
For now written news will have to do it....I'm looking for the camera cable....I just wanted to dust this thing off!!!!

First and foremost: MATHEW GOT A JOB!!!!He has actually been working for a couple of days now. He is now an employee of LG electronics here in Brazil. Which means he gets to be a software engineer...and whatever that means= a happy husabdn because he is doing what he has a passion for and what he wanted to do all along. After 4 long months of prayers we have finally been blessed with a wonderful job. We won't get rich any time soon, but I'm sure that knowing how to manage our money will sufice for now.

Seconf: the girls are happy and growing up so fast! I think Bia could be walking in a couple of months maybe sooner...I don't think she is ready, but she keeps trying to let go of the couch once she is standing up and she has been able to stay up for a few seconds on her baby is so grown up. With age came learning ad with learning Isabelle taught her how to yell and hit...Isabelle has been really jealous of her sister and she has been going to time out a whole lot around the house. Hopefully she will learn that hitting is not nice pretty soon. Bia is one little trooper though...the other day Isabelle caught her finger with a toy while pushing her away and her finger wouldn't stop bleeding, she cried for a few seconds and then was happy again, meanwhile Bebelle saw all the blood and started freaking out....I was SO MAD at her...

Third: we are living at this one bedroom apartment it belongs to my great aunt and it is a place she has for when she comes to Sao Paulo to go to doctors etc. Tiny to say the least. I have taken pictures of where we are and it is called and "ash tray" here in Brazil because there are so many buildings around that you can't see anything else but buildings (which kinda looks like cigarettes). I have to make an effort to get out of the house at least twice a day so I won't go crazy with the girls and vice-versa...we are looking into public schools or maybe just swimming lessons....something that will burn their energy :) It's nice to be the four of us again and to be able to call a place home. We are def looking forward to moving somewhere bigger and finally get our things from the moving company settled, but we are sure happy as we can be here and I REALLY enjoy the's beautiful and it has everything we need around here.

Fouth: I'm still really lost in Sao Paulo. Can't drive without a GPS at all...and don't think I will ever be able to do so.

Fifth: I just spent two months in Brasilia (my hometown) with the girls and I am really tan...the girls went from transparent to white :) and sooner or later they will be able to tan as well as their mom ], hahahahaha :) I fell like I am 17 again when I am tan...which is great...the only problem is that my body keeps telling me I am older with all the back pains I inhereted from child birth, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sixth: my days have been so busy with the girls and being a domestic goddess (haha) that I don't have the energy to blog too much...but it makes me happy and I am going to be more diligent with it...especially because it's my time away from everything...

I don't know what else to share besides pictures...that should be coming soon...I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has been praying/cheering for us....we appreciate it and we are loving that is also good :)

I will catch y'all later...and I will visit all the blogs tonite :)



Rafaela said...

Oi amiga, vim aqui e acabei fincando mais por dentro. Mais uma vez parabéns pelo emprego do Mathew e por ser esse ser superior que não se deixa abater facilmente.
Não nos falamos mais como antes, mas estou sempre te acompanhando e rezando por vc e sua família. O contato diminuiu, mas o amor jamais diminuirá.
As meninas estão acostumando com o Brasil?
beijos, Rafa

Anna said...


Aline Carson said...

Cooolll...Qdo li um pedaço aí do seu post que vc falou sobre jealousy, eu me lembrei oq aconteceu hj na capela. O Eric, que sempre foi um santo em relação a isso e sempre só apanhou, bateu em duas menininhas do banco da frente da gente, duas irmazinhas, em horas diferentes. Na verdade ele apertou com tudo o rosto delas, e ele tem batido e arranhado a Jasmine, etc. Tudo pq ele sempre apanhou e sempre ficou quietinho, agora ele tá tendo o revenge dele...Ai que coisa viu.
Mas é assim né, irmãos são assim.
Eu já sabia todas essas novidades mas parabéns de novo! Espero que vcs sejam mto felizes!!

Katy-the-lady said...

YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I have continued to keep you in my prayers and I'm so glad to hear that Matt has a job. I'm so glad! I'm glad you are in your own place again. What a relief too!
I would get Sennika to be kind to Gavin, then Gavin would hit a new milestone (crawl, walk, now talk really well...aka argue back). It's always a work in progress to get them to be kind to each other. :)
Miss you and I'm so glad for the good news!

Brittany and Everett said...

This is such great news Barbara! You are so beautiful and have such a special little family!
Kid's can be so hard at times especially with each other, I am only saying this as a sister of 6! But way to hang in there and be such a strong and wonderful momma! I can't wait to see some pics!
Love you and good luck with your new job!!!