Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm it now...

8 things...

8 TV Shows I like to watch:
24 (we are addicted to it, so much we had an overdose and don't to watch anymore until next week...heheheh)
John and Kate + 8
CSI- Las Vegas (and when nothing else NY)
What not to wear
Extreme makeover home edition(makes me cry every time)
Baby Story
Man vs wild....sometimes

8 restaurants I like to eat:
Olive Garden
Texas Road House
Amicis (good and new in Rexburg)
Leatherbys(not a restaurant bu I love it

8 things that happened today:
Isabelle stood up by herself in church and started walking with no lasted almost 2 meters
I took a great nap
I went to see the girl I visit teach that had a baby
I made "peach cake"and it didn't turn out the way i wanted
I went to choir practice and i was beautiful
I watched a frontline documentary about health care systems around the world for a class and it was way interesting
I had a fight with Mathew
I worried about money

8 things I'm looking forward to:
a trip to Brazil
another baby when the time is right
getting all the seasons of Charmed once I have money
getting my car from Mary Kay'
traveling to Europe, especially Portugal to see old friends
a masters degree in nutrition
moving to a BIG CITY with lots of people and pollution(jk about the pollution....rexburg just drives me nuts sometimes)
OHHH I"m really looking forward to Christmas too!!!

8 things on my wish list:
FABULOUS SHOES that will cost 100 dollars and I will buy with no second thoughts ( I have been obcessed with shoes lately bc I haven't bought any in a loooong time)
losing all the wight I'm working out to lose
moving to Brazil some day
having a huge family and a good life
moving to a house some day
a cruise with my hubby (like a secong honeymoon)
a new lap top
exaltation I would say is something I look for, but for now a bit unrealistic :)

8 People I tag:
Whoever wants to spend some time thinking hard about what to say.... :) I would enjoy reading if any of you wrote anything.


Aline, Chris, Jasmine e Eric said...

Ah achei super legal col...Li tudinho...
E aih, como vc anda?? Recebeu meu email? Gente, vc deve estar ocupada MESMO pq d td mundo de Rexburg vc eh a q eu menos tenho contato, acredita? Tipo, na net eu digo. Pq a gente ateh se falou no tel algumas vezes...Ou alguma vez?? hehhe..
Mas eh isso. Eu sei que vc ta super ocupada com a festinha da Bebelle mas vai dar tudo certo...E parabens adiantado pra essa princesinha linda!!! Da um beijao bem gostoso nela por mim.
Beijao col!

Haden's Family said...

Oh my gosh Barbara! I was looking at those pictures of Izzy and she is just beautiful! You two have a breath taking little girl there. Wish her Happy Birthday for us.

Alexandria Rammell said...

I did this on my blog, check it out!!

Alexandria Rammell said...

can you tell Amanda to add me to her blog! I can't view it!!