Sunday, January 3, 2010

An addition to the family....

So we are, should I say, I am looking for an addition to our family already. I've always wanted to have a dog,but never had the desire or thought we were to the point of actually thinking about it. Lately I've been developing this craziness for dogs and I SOOOOO wanted have a chocolate labrador retriever BUT they shed too much and I'm allergic,so I'll have to wait until we have a house to have my dream dog....MEANWHILE we have spent New Year's Eve at our friend Tati's house. We had a blast, ate sea food(which led my little one to have an allergic reaction) and we met her little maltese: Marshmallow. She is the cutest little dog I've seen. I hate little dogs, I think they look like they are gonna break and they are no fun to play rough with, but I fell in love with this one.

SOOOOO, now I have bothered my dear wonderful hubby enough to the point where he told me he would give me the dang dog if I lost all the weight I want to lose. I think it's a pretty good incentive don't u??? I've been already researching puppies that we can buy and asking questions to friends. I know Isabelle will love it, because she was completely in love with marshmallow (and wasn't afraid of her- YOU GO GIRL!!!) but I think I will love it even more, because I've always wanted to have a dog and my mom never let me ( I know bohoo me). OHHH and you know what the best thing is??they are HYPOALLERGENIC, so for people like me that have tons of allergies especially dog hair allergy, they are perfect, no shedding,small for an apartment,good with kids and just adorable! (and they don't look like a poodle which makes me like them even more- I HATE poodles)

I'm thinking maybe in six months???what do you think??That's enough time to mature the idea and to finish losing all the weight I want to. I'M SO EXCITED! So after my little dog(a female that will be called peach or peaches- due to the Ice Age 3 movie) our family is towards another great milestone to becoming what I've always wanted (some other goals involve having a bunch of other kids, including a set of twin boys which hopefully a miracle (they do happen, Anna is having twins for goodness sakes and she has no history AT ALL in her family or her hubby's family) will cause me to have them!)----> YES, call me crazy. I know I am a little too excited/enthusiastic with the having kids deal...but what can I say? I love having babies and so far I'm still sane and functioning pretty well.

OH, and just in case you are asking: no, I don't treat dogs as people, or like to have them instead of kids, but I love them!

We are now in the process of change,not only because of the dang cute dog I want to have so badly, but because Mat is applying to masters degrees. So far we have looked into Arizona, Pennsylvania, California. We are also considering another internship while we wait for grad school to start next august; he will be done in April and we are over the top excited. Wherever the Lord takes us, I know it will be a good thing and we will learn and grow a lot. I will keep u guys posted on what's going on.

Also I just got my new Visiting Teaching assignment and I'm super excited, because of of the sisters does not speak english, so I'll have to start learning some spanish (and I think that my Relief Society thought I could speak spanish *sigh- I just resent how people think that South America is all the same thing and we all speak the same language* but I'm super excited to get to know her. She is from Costa Rica (so not even South America) and her hubby came to Rexburg to go to college. I really am pumped to be her friend. I LOVE diversity. Our ward is pretty diversified we have: a French family, Mat and I from Brazil, a new girl from Mexico and the new family from Costa Rica. Today during testimony meeting the girl from Mexico borne a little bit of her testimony in spanish, which I thought was perfect for the new family, I bet she felt at home today. I just remember how hard it was for me to learn english and how lost I was in the beggining, but MONOLINGUISM CAN BE CURED as my ESL teacher would say to us every day. :)

So here is to change in 2010, a new language, a new dog, a new city and home and lots of excitement to our family in the brand new year.

FELIZ ANO NOVO!!(Happy New Year in portuguese)



The Payne Family said...

How fun! A new dog. I would love to get a dog for the boys some day. Good luck with your grad school applications. And thanks for writing in english for us monolinguists.

The Payne Family said...

Don't worry, I wasn't offended. I actually thought it was funny.

Anna said...

Tin tin! Here's to lots of change... hehehehe E pode mesmo acontecer viu é só acreditar... o próprio Dr. Meredith disse que identical twins é uma anomalia que ninguem sabe porque acontece esse split dos eggs.... engracado né?!
Anyways... acho que ta comecando a sink in, sort of. A gente já ganhou umas roupinhas iguais... coisa mais fofa! E eu sonhei com meninas te contei?
E falando nisso, se vc planeja ter twin boys... ai já vc já está apostanto demais na sorte, ehehehhe porque não só é um rare event ter gemeos, ainda mais sem os genes, mas 75% of all identical twins are girls. hehehehe

Aline Carson said...
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