Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little correction...

SOOOO, I received some comments about how awful my husband is to demand that I lose weight, and I guess I just wrote it the wrong way here because after I read it again it really does sound bad.

He never demanded anything, I was talking to him about ways that I could be motivated to do to the gym- because that is my biggest problem- and so I realized that what would motivate me the most would be to work towards having a little dog, especially because it would take time to achieve it with the weight loss and we would be able to mature the idea and work things out. HE NEVER bribed me with the dog----> IT WAS MY IDEA and he just thought it was funny that I wanted a dog so bad and ended up supporting me. He has been helping me a ton and supporting me in my decision to change, but he's not a jerk at all. I am grateful for a wonderful,helpful husband who works so hard for our family and helps me so much at home. I couldn't have someone better with me. I love him deeply and more every day. HE IS THE BEST!!!!

I hope this corrects the misunderstanding,

here's to change :)



Rafaela said...

I can't say he's the best for Marcelo is the best hubby ever ha ha ha.
But I'm pretty sure Mathew is a lovelly husband. I only saw him once, but am pretty sure is the just like you described: adorable.
As I said before, I'll help too even though I'm so far away. Let motivate each other, we deseerve!
Kisses from Brazil.
PS: My English is soo horrible, you have to remind me some stuff =)

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

I don't see why some people thought it was written in a way to complain about your hubby. Trevor and I have things like that too. My thing is, since I LOVE going to the mall and spend money, if I go to the gym at least 4 times in a week, I can use $50 in whatever I want at the end of the month. MONEY motives me, baby! ahahaha

Good luck to us! I have a good 40 lbs to get rid off ;)

hugsss and thanks for the invite!!