Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New routine

I tried posting 4 times the day after my last post and wasn't able to do so because for some reason pictures weren't being I saved the post and will upload it later....

Today I wanted to jot now our new routine and how helpful that has been to our family. I began having huge problems and being really sick of Bia waking up multiple times during the night. She is already one and with Isabelle she slept soundly through the night at 1 1/2 months old. So after posting on facebook I gathered a good buch of ideas and began testing them out. I think the best one so far has been to put the kids down for bed EARLY.

You will probably think I'm stupid, but I thought that putting the kids down at 9 pm was wonderful. Well, my friend said her daughter who is a little bit older than my youngest goes to bed at 6:30-7 pm. I was shocked! Was my baby overtired? So we tried putting her down at 7:30 that first night (cuz Mat gets home at 7 and I still want him to see her before she goes down) and she SLEPT! She keeps waking up twice during the night to eat, but I figured that until she has her room and we have a crib for her, I can't let cry it out right by my side. It's tough having a one bedroom. Isabelle is sleeping on the couch and Bia on a mattress by our bed. I let her cry when she first goes down, which is not taking very long, but not at 2 am when she waked up screaming...I can't sleep if I let her cry it out!!!

With that said our routine has COMPLETELY changed since then. It looks more like this now:

Girls wake up before 8am
breakfast,changing and playing
lunch at 11:30
Nap from 12-3 for Bia and from 1-2(or 3) for Isabelle
Play,play play (while I make dinner, clean the house, do laundry and try to play with them too etc etc...)
Baths at 5pm
Dinner at 6pm
Reading stories, scriptures and prayer sometime after dinner (however long dining takes)
Bed time at 7:30 for Bia
Isabelle watches a short movie or part of a movie before going down between 8-8:30pm (she is so good that I can tell her to turn off the dvd player after she is done with the movie and I can come back after my shower and it will be turned off and she will be singing trying to go to sleep, she has done that frequently and I think it's adorable!!!!!!)

It takes a lot more discipline on my part than on theirs, it takes me not going out later in the day so I don't mess up the routine, it takes going out early for errands and especially waking up early. They used to wake up at 9 or after that....and I was able to sleep in with them...and now we have an EARLY routine....I'm more tired, but happier for being able to accomplish more during the day. None of that would be possible without my Heavenly Father who gives me the enthusiasm to follow thru with's hard and so rewarding at the same time. Mathew is a happier person, I am a happier mom and I have especially decreased my time with computers and blogs..... which is definetely a plus for me :) "good, better and best"is what I've been trying to focus on lately

So here are some random but recent pictures....I hope it uploads and if it doesn't....I tried :)


Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

great job with the routine! and you look so beautiful in that last picture!

Anna said...

parabens!!! eu nao vejo a hr das meninas entrarem num schedule decente... apear delas estarem dormindo bem, elas vao dormir mto tarde (la pela meia noite 1 da manha) mas tb ai dormem at'e as 6-7... mas eu adoraria se elas comecacem a dormir mais cedo, la pelas 10-11... seria perfeito!!!

e vc esta LINDA na ultima foto!!!

2 + 2 = 4 said...

My girls go to bed at 6:30. When they used to take naps...they went to bed at 7 instead!

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

ai menina eu preciso ter coragem e fazer o que voce fez! Olivia vai pra cama la pras 10, e acorda entre 9:30 e 10am tambem. No momento funciona no sentido de que trevor chega do trabalho as vezes 1am e ajuda que ela dorme mais de manha porque ai ele pode descansar tb enquanto eu vou trabalhar, mas complica ne? preciso trocar essa rotina. Que bom que ta funcionando pra voces! :)