Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new baby!!

I wanted to wait until I officially told people about our newest pregnancy because I wanted to make sure there was a baby and a heartbeat going on there... :) So today we had an ultrasound and everything is wonderful! Baby is cute and healthy, and has a strong heartbeat....and I'm head over heels in love with this baby already!!!! Looks like a little gummy bear...and it's actually the size of one....Due date is around July 24th and we are pretty sure it's another girl....but we will be able to find out soon enough (a month since we have a 3D ultrasound taking place around then...)

We are not sure why (we know they want to monitor the baby's health more closely, they almost treat pregnancy as an abnormal thing that needs to be monitored closely if anything were to happen), but docs ask for ultrasounds monthly, and I'm not complaining!! :)

We are doing good...still being tested to the limits of patience and charity, but learning and trying to grow our faith in Heavenly Father...If you get a chance, please pray that we will move out of the little hole we live in right now and move to our 3 bedroom apartment WITH all of our things that we brought from the States! It would be my Christmas present this year!!!! :)

My post will be quick, because I have no pictures of the baby yeat...they will be ready on the 16th and then I can marvel at them and post them here :)



Roberta Pavanelo said...

Eu acho que é menino... meu palpite é que vcs vão se surpreender! hahaha
obs: vou orar para ter meus vizinhos logo! rs...rs...

Rebeca Price said...

Eu to torcendo q voces consigam suas coisas e um lugar mairo pra morar. Ninguem merece ficar num lugar apertado neh e ainda pior sem as coisas q voce tem.
beijao pra voce