Monday, January 31, 2011

New smile :)

So...I wanted to change the post even though i don't have a camera to post new pictures yet...Mat is gone to South Korea for work and he took the camera....which is awesome because I am in love with the country....MAN it's beautiful!!!!

How am I doing?? hungry as ever, but we are holding off for a while...we'll see how nature goes from now on and I I will be ready (physically) for another baby soon enough. We thank you for your love, support and has been a time of great pain, but a lot of comfort too.

Our stuff is about to get here and the apartment we are supposed to move into, is on it's way to being ready for us....I am SO EXCITED to have our apartment ready....Mat is coming home on THURS and we are paiting and finishing up anything that needs to be done....than cleaning it....out container should be here sometimes the end of this week of early next week, we are waiting to hear about it tomorrow...after almost an entire year, this is one the biggest blessings so far....but I know 2011 will be an eventful and exciting year for the Pretel's :)

I just wanted to say I am doing okay and that I am happy and I feel good about life :) thank you again....we love you all that cared about us, emailed, wrote messages on facebook and left messages has been a great comfort for me :)

The girls are growing up and are very budy visiting grandma's new has a condominium with swimming pools, a little forest, a playground and lots of fun stuff for we are keeping them happy and busy....besides we have been eating our hearts out with fruits from this wonderful summer season (wonderful/humid/disgustingly hot summer season)...we just love and cherich them both SO MUCH!!! I am grateful for my little girls that bring so much to my life...

cheers :)


Jennifer Thomas said...

Barbara! De gracas a esse calor desgracado do Brasil, porque amanha aqui em Rexburg we have a HIGH of 2ยบ FAHRENHEIT! Brrrrr ta muito frio. E nem me fale sobre as frutas. Semana passada fui no Broulims porque queria comprar ingredientes pra fazer Key Lime Pie e um limaozinho minusculo feio todo machucado era 60 centavos EACH! Afff. Quase tive um treco. Preciso de 10 para a receita. Imagine? $6.00 soh em limao. Nao mesmo. Vou esperar que venha na minha Bountiful Basket. Bom chega de desabafo. Estou com saudades da sua familia linda e jealous tambem! Haha

Brittany and Everett said...

I am so sorry about your loss and your pain... I have not been blogging lately and had no idea that you had even been pregnant. All I can say is sorry and please forgive me for not being the friend that I should have and know that I will be thinking and praying for you and your beautiful little family. You are such an example to me, time and time again!!! You are such a light in this world and you and your family actually have a glow about you all because of your goodness! Please know that I love you and we are praying for you.
Brittany and Everett

Paty said...

So glad that you guys are doing good, and enjoying the warm weather. I am so ready for summer, heck...I'm ready for spring. I'm not a fan of the winter season, specially because that means cold/flu season. I'm seriously sick of sick kids. I don't like seeing my kids sick and specially hate being sick because I need all the energy possible to care for my girls. Anyway, sorry, enough of my whining. So neat that you get to enjoy all the nice tropical fruits and your girls have a nice/fun place to play.

Congrats on your new place and glad that your stuff is finally going to arrive, I can't believe it's taken almost a year!

Katy-the-lady said...

Oh, Barb! I miss you and love you! It's always so inspiring to read your blog. Your posts are just drenched in faith and courage. MUCH LOVE!!!