Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here are some recent picures. The one ´m wearing all black, I´m 26 weeks (I look awful and I realize I am getting fat, but I am still proud of this baby belly of mine)
The girls after a serious haircut ( Izzy was not happy and I was not able to get a smile out of her)but you can still see her long beautiful hair!
Bia and all her cuteness...
My 28 week belly. I got a 27 week shot, but it´s in another we´ll have to wait for that one :)
My father and my oldest brother who is now 22. My due date will be VERY close to his birthday, I wonder if Julie will try to make an appearance on his b-day and steal his thunder! He is one handsome boy, I´m very proud of his accomplishments!(except ´when he says he doesnt believe in God...)

All is well, not because our circumstances are perfect (they are actually less than perfect) but because we are living with the hope of the gospel of a better day and enjoying what the Lord gives us on a daily basis! We are happy!
I feel like this 3rd time around I´m NOT getting to enjoy the prengnacy as much as the other 2 times. I hardly have time to sit and wait for Julie to we are running with life, homeschool and all the other things in between and aprooaching the due date...time is flying!!!!


Aline Carson said...

Col, adorei as fotos novas, vc tá linda com esse barrigão, eu nem acredito que a gente tá grávida com apenas 6 dias de diferença, craaaaaaaazyyyy and pretty awesome if you ask me! hehe. As meninas estão lindas como sempre!
Beijos said...

Cade as fotos da gente?!?!?!?!?

Helga said...

Tadinha da Bebelle!!! Menina, teu irmão continua gato. SOCORRO!!!

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

Babi, you are BEAUTIFUL~ inside and out!